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For your informed consent

Informed Consent

A core value of ours, here at Doulas of Orlando, is informed consent. Our 

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Virtual Monthly Check-ins

Personal Support Group

1 Prenatal Visit

On-call 24/7*

Labor Support

1 Virtual Postpartum Check-in

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Virtual Monthly Check-ins

Personal Support Group

2 Prenatal Visits

On-Call 24/7*

Pre-Recorded Childbirth Classes

Labor Support

1 Postpartum Visit

1 Virtual Postpartum follow up

1 Virtual Lactation Consult

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Virtual Monthly Check-ins

Personal Support Group

1 Prenatal Visits

1 Postpartum Planning visit 

Live Childbirth Course

On-call 24/7*

Labor Support

Placenta Encapsulation

1 Postpartum Visit

1 Lactation Virtual Consult

Professional Referral services

Monthly Check-ins up to 6 months Postpartum

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Happy Clients

Couldn’t have done it without Luna! I had a high risk completely natural birth at Winnie Palmer hospital. So grateful for Luna and her incredible guidance. My whole family agrees she is the person you want for childbirth.

–Ms. Ornstein

Luna é uma pessoa iluminada! Escolher a Doula que irá te acompanhar na gestação e estará com você no dia da chegada do seu filho é algo que precisa ser bem escolhido. Ela transmite paz, tranquilidade, sabe como acolher. Eu só tenho a agradecer a Deus por ter unido nossos caminhos. Excelente profissional RECOMENDO a todas as futuras famílias.

— Ms. K. Plantik

As a mom of 5, and now 6, By far this is the best experience I’ve had overall with the placenta encapsulation process! Not only are the prices great, but the quality of my package is amazing!! She took her time and made sure that everything was packaged so neatly with a beautiful decor wrapping. She explained exactly how it’s done and what to expect for future uses with her products and was extremely efficient. The quality of my items are clean, neat, and fresh!! The ointment smells amazing, the tincture has a nice flavor to it and she does amazing art keepsake and its all well worth the money. I’m confident that I will receive the maximum results and I’d definitely recommend to anyone!

— Ms. Dixon

Sept 24, 2022


beauty of birth

frequently asked quetions

How does your company work?

We work in a team model. You would get assigned a team of 3 doulas, 2 main doulas and a back up emergency doula.  We rotate on-call schedules due to individual availability.

Is Luna available to be my doula?

Luna is currently not available for exclusivity until May 2024. If you would like to hire Luna or another doula exclusively it would be double the regular price of any birth package. 

Do you work with my doctor/midwife?

We are willing to work any any doctor or midwife. We do not 

Have you worked at X hospital/birth center?

The likelihood is that we do have experience at your birth location. The only Hospital that we currently have limited experience at is UCF Lake Nona because its newer. 

Do you do hospital births?

 Yes, we do. The majority of our clients give birth in the hospital setting. 

What is your birth philosophy?

Our main goal during your birth is for you to have informed consent. That is a core value for us. If you receive informed consent and decide to go any which way you choose even if its totally different from your previously thought out birth plan, we might confirm that’s what you want to do, but we will support your decision and go from there! 

Do you have recommendations for.... ?

We usually have met and know who is who in the maternity/birth/postpartum world. As a client you have access to our recommended providers list. If you are not a client you can purchase our recommended list in our shop. 

What would you like us, the parents, to know about working with you?

This is a commitment for both parties. We are working as a team. We are NOT here to save you for x birth outcome, although doulas do help statistically. We are looking for those parents who would like to be involved in growing as a future parent. This means, we expect you to do your homework.  We provide you with a recommended reading list and childbirth ed classes. We do expect you to take advantage of that knowledge by being an active learner and read some books. 

What makes doulas of orlando different from other doulas?

We have a growth mindset. Our team strives to continue educating ourselves passionately and growing as people, entrepreneurs and mothers. The birth field is not for the learn once and you’re done. It requires the doula to continue researching on every maternity, birth, postpartum, newborn, and ultimately parenting topic imaginable. That is a lot of ground to cover, not many doulas have the passion or humility to keep the perspective of being a student.

let’s work together because

birth matters