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Our Standards:

Safety: We only process one placenta at a time. This ensures we do not confuse it with someone else’s placenta, there is no cross contamination. All supplies used to process your placenta is tagged with unique identifiers.

Quality: We look for and use American Made products in our processing, packaging and services. We inspect our products before shipping them out to ensure the highest quality.

Efficiency: We try our best to be as efficient as possible, using digital contracts, shipping out your products when possible to avoid having to disrupt your postpartum healing. 

Community: We strive to make sure you are taken care of. Our team consists of Certified Birth and Postpartum Doulas, Childbirth Educators, and Lactation Consultants. Due to our large knowledge base and community we can help answer basic questions for you and guide you to the appropriate and trustworthy solutions for any of your postpartum needs. PLEASE ask us! 

Product Highlight:

Placenta Healing Salve

Each one is made to order, in different sizes for your convenience, and uses the best quality, Organic, GMO-free, and Gluten-free products.

Our Placenta infused Healing Salve is custom-made for any topical application, c-section scars, blemishes, stretch marks, vaginal tears, sore nipples, and diaper rashes.


About Our Locally Made Products

Tailor-made specifically for you. We use and support American-made products in our processing of your placenta, and the items used to package it for you.

Each Placenta is inspected individually and cared for by our specialists. Our Lab is restricted and we follow all OSHA standards for processing and sanitation. Everything gets sanitized before and after each process ensuring your placenta gets a clean surface. 

The supplies used to process your placenta is uniquely tagged and labeled with your information so there is NO cross-contamination or confusion. 



How do I know I am getting MY placenta in the capsules?

We only process one placenta at a time, and therefore due to safety only take a certain number of placentas per month for processing.

We also place unique identifiers at pick up, when preparing the space for processing and at the moment of completion and shipping.

These are the safest method we have found to avoid issues of confusion or cross-contamination 

We can also record the processing for you, there is an additional fee for this. You get a 2-3 min unlisted YouTube video showing the start to finish of the processing.

How much experience does Doulas of Orlando have?

We have successfully encapsulated over 800 placentas in the last 7 years of service.


I am giving birth outside of your coverage area, can you still come pick up my placenta?

Yes! In most cases, we are able to make accommodations to pick up your placenta. There are additional fees associated with travel, usually a $1 per mile after 20 miles from our lab’s location. 

I just gave birth and I want to encapsulate!! Is it too late?

In most cases, we are able to make accommodations to pick up your placenta. There are additional fees associated with a STAT pick up. Please CALL us NOW to arrange for pick up. 321-804-2969

What is a tincture?

It’s your placenta in a high proof alcohol solution. Why? The alcohol extracts the benefits from your placenta. You get the benefits of the capsules in liquid form with no expiration date.

What is a tincture for?

Most clients use it for when their menstrual cycle returns or when menopause hits. Some clients save it for when their daughter starts going through her cycle to help regulate hormones. 

What is a Salve for?

Most common use for Salves are for skin blemishes, issues or rashes. Some clients report using it to lessen scars, such as a c-section or episiotomy scars, nipple soreness, or even diaper rashes.

What is TCM?

This stands for the “Traditional Chinese Method”.  With this method; we lightly steam, with water, the placenta before continuing the normal process. 

What is the difference between TCM and Raw Method?

The main difference is potency and capsule amount. 

The TCM method, expect lower potency and lower capsule amount, about 20%.

The Raw method you do not have that issue. 

Why would someone choose TCM over the Raw method?

TCM follows the Chinese Medicine philosophy that the mother at the time of birth at the loss of blood, which is normal, losses heat and is exposed to increase risk of sickness in her postpartum, low energy, slow healing, and low milk production.  By choosing the TCM, you help your body recuperate hormonal, and therefore temperature, balance by reintroducing the heat from the steaming step in the processing.

The Raw method skips the steaming and takes the placenta from very low temperatures, in some cases frozen, to cutting and dehydration. Some clients prefer this because you do not lose potency nor capsule amount.

At the time of birth, what happens?

Please have your birth partner, friend, family, doula give us a call to arrange pick up. 

 Within our coverage area, we arrive within 2 hrs of your phone call for pick up. 

Please have your designated person meet us at valet with placenta packaged in a cooler for pick up. Give them our number, and us their number as well. We will call them or you at 5 min eta. Please have your designated person meet us at valet. 🙂

How many capsules will I get back?

This really depends on the size of your placenta, the method of processing(TCM, or RAW), and how many other products you have chosen to get. 

The average is 120 with the raw method of processing and no other placenta-enfused products.

If I have a C-section can I still encapsulate my placenta?

Short answer, YES. Having a c-section has no effect on our ability to encapsulate your placenta.

What if I am GBS positive?

If you are GBS positive, you CAN still have your placenta encapsulated. You will likely get antibiotics during labor to ‘protect’ your baby from this bacteria, that same protection from the antibiotics is extended to your placenta. 🙂

How do I get my placenta TO you?

 We, in most cases, will pick up for your birth location. If you are outside of our coverage area you can have a family member meet us locally for no additional travel fees.

How do I get my placenta products FROM you?

We ship them to you in 99% of cases. If you choose to have frozen or freshly made food products like our organic grass-fed bone broth, we may decide home delivery is our best option. 

Can I just get the powdered form instead of capsules to add to shakes/soups etc?

Yes, you can for a 20 dollar discount when you choose the WHOLE placenta in powered form.

What do I need to do to register my placenta for encapsulation?

Fill out our registration form and pay the invoice. 

Get a small disposable cooler ***that will not leak*** and has a handle/s. If your cooler leaks we charge a flat $175 sanitation fee for our transport vehicle.

Do I need to talk to my midwife/doctor about getting my placenta encapsulated?

For Out of hospital Births: Yes, the midwives or their assistant need to know. They, usually, take care of packaging the placenta for pick up. The nurses/midwife need to be informed you plan on having someone pick it up.

At the hospital: The nurses need to know, the doctor is not necessary. The nurses might have you sign a waiver to take it off hospital property. 

The Nurses will package the placenta for you in a small plastic container or your 1gal ziplock bag. Please don’t forget to ask them for some ice!

Do you provide Doula Services?

We are currently booked until May 2024

What happens if my placenta is unavailable for encapsulation?

We will refund you all your money sans $100 for our on call time. 


What if I gave birth weeks/months ago? can I still encapsulate my placenta?

If your placenta was put on ice/in the fridge in the first 4 hour and then frozen within the first 24 hrs post birth, we should be able to safely process your placenta.



happy clients

As of mom of 5, and now 6, By far this is the best experience I’ve had overall with the Placenta Encapsulation process! Not only are the prices great, but the quality of my package is amazing!! She took her time and made sure everything was packed so neatly with a beautiful decor wrapping. She explained exactly how it’s done and what to expect for future uses with her products and was extremely efficient. The quality of my items are clean, neat and fresh!! The ointment smells amazing, the tincture has a nice flavor to it and she does amazing art keepsakes and it’s all well worth the money!! I’m confident that I will receive the maximum results and I’d definitely recommend to anyone!

Ms. Dixon; Sept 2022

I had a great experience with the whole placenta encapsulation process. From the first phone call requesting information to the delivery of the final product, the people that I interacted with were friendly, knowledgable and very professional. Highly recommend them!

Michelle Diaz-Ortiz


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